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Title : The 20th ACID Report
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The 20th ACID Report


The 20th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities, held in Jeju, Korea, the second time since the first time in 1993. The conference is auspice by Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities and hosted by the Korean Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, held form August 21~26, 2011 at Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel. The conference theme “Passing from Freedom to Happiness,” which implicated the essential goal of achieving ultimate Happiness in addition to acquiring Freedom for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Through this conference we exchanged and acquired abundant availing resources and information which aided us in achieving that goal. 


We are pleased to announce that there were over 1560 participants in total attendance: 340 international and 1227 domestic delegates (including governmental officials, non-governmental organization, professional specialist, scholars, parents, students, and interested individuals.  Among the participants were also 450 PWID members and 18 fully sponsored members from 2 member countries and 5 non-member countries.  This conference assembled delegates from AFID member and non-member countries/regions including Australia, Bangladesh, Yanbian China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S.A, and Viet Nam.


During the conference, over 150 presentations were presented by educators, scholars, social workers, therapists, medical specialists, representatives of welfare organizations, parents and PWID members. Presentation included 4 Keynote, 7 Plenary, 8 Country Report, 83 Concurrent session, 43 Interactive Posters and 6 PWID presentations. Presentation topics covered a wide array of issues such as Education and Curriculum Planning; Transition Services/Problem moving from School to Employment; Technology Resources-Assistive Technology; Legal Matters and the Criminal Justice System; Health Issues Including Mental Health; Medical and Scientific Aspects of Intellectual Disability; Social Integration and Other Issues-Family Networking and Support; Parenting and Aging; Rehabilitation & Related Services; Early Childhood & Development; Early Intervention; Developmental Delays; Law, Public Policy & Administration; Self-Advocacy; Empowerment & Citizenship; Psychological Problems - Behavioral Management; Integrated Services Towards Holistic Development; and Supports for the Intellectually Disabled





Prior to the conference, two Pre-conference workshops were also presented. Workshop 1 was lead by Korea, titled “The Use of Supports Intensity Scale, Web-based Diagnosis System and Assistive Technology System for an Effective Support for the Developmental Disabled”. Workshop 2 was led by Japan on “The Portage Program Workshop”.  At the Opening Ceremony of the 20th ACID, Presidents Won-Kyung Kim made his Opening Address and the Chairperson of 20th ACID, Yong-Wook Kim, delivered the congratulatory speech on behalf of the First Lady of Korea. In following, the president of Seisa University and director of ARC bestowed the “Start Raft Award” in recognitions of excellence operations and programs availing to the welfare of developmental disabilities. The award recipients were: “First social welfare Corporation for the disabled in Jeju” of hoonkang” Social-Welfare Corporation, Korea; “Wakatake Musical and Film Production: It’s Success Story” by Wakatakekai, Japan; and “CAMP PAG-IBIG: Annual Day Camp for Children with Disabilities” of PAR, Philippines.


In addition to the presentations, Social programs were also elaborately arranged for the evenings during the conference. There was the “Reception Party” and “Welcome Banquet” to warmly welcome and greet our invited guests, foreign delegates, and all of the participants; “Culture Night” with representational performance of the Korea culture; and “Friendship Night” which was solely designated to our foreign delegates to exchange the essence of their culture through performances and greeting address.  Foreign delegates also were invited to a specially coordinated Study tour where they would have a chance to witness the endeavors and progress of various programs, institutions, and facilities available for the disabled persons in Jeju/Korea. Following to the study tour was a Culture tour to a local attraction site, the Maze land. There were total 7 tours in 10 groups, and over 320 participants had participated. 


The entire collaboration of the 20th ACID was served by the grand endeavor of over 136 Organizing and Staff members and 99 volunteers assembled from across the local and national regions.  


AFID Board Election

 The AFID Executive Board meeting also took place 3 times during the conference and many issues regarding the constitution, election of new Board members, and future objectives of the AFID were intensively covered at the meetings and then moved to the General Assembly for voting. The election results were as follows:

The 21st AFID Conference will be hosted by “SAMADHAN” of India and Ms. Pramila Balasundaram was the elected president. The 1st Vice-President is Ms. Nandhini Wijayaratnam of Sri Lanka; the 2nd Vice-President is Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun of Bangladesh; the 3rd Vice-president is Mr. T. Kamaraj of Malaysia; and President Won-Kyung Kim of the 20th ACID became the Immediate Past President. The biannual re-election of the four “Member at Large” on the board was also enacted during the Assembly.  The newly elected four countries to represent the “Member at Large” are Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, and Philippines. The Honorary members remained to be Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi (Japan), Dr. Vanrunee Komkris (Thailand), Rev. Brendan O’Connell (Taiwan), Prof. Joung Kwon Kim (Korea), Mr. M. K. Wong (Singapore), and Dr. Teresita Inciong (Philippines).  The Permanent Secretariat also remained to Dr. Francis Chen at Singapore.


The 21st AFID Conference and new Chairperson

India will host the 21st AFID conference in Septmeber (23~27), 2013 at New Delhi, India.  The President of the AFID and Chairperson of the 21st ACID is Ms. Pramila Balasundaram.  The conference will be organized by the SAMADHAN organization.  The conference theme is “Evolving Individual Capacity Around Family and Community” and conference program will incorporate Presentations, Exhibitions, Workshops, Posters, Performances, and Capability Demonstrations.






Dear Chin-Hua Wu
Thank you for attending the 20th ACID KOREA Conference

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