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Welcome to Jeju Island !

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 20th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities(ACID), I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all of you. Each one of you brings a wealth of experience and ideas that enhance the work we accomplish in education and welfare for people with intellectual disabilities.

We are anticipating an excellent program in 2011 and will work hard to provide you a stimulating and enjoyable environment at the Conference. With the scholarly Keynotes and multitude presentations and exhibitions, the conference will provide participants a platform for exchange and interaction, as well as to obtain the latest knowledge on researches and practices done all over Asia. The Study Visits and tours will enhance for you a descriptive picture of the multitude implementations and accomplishments in the field of Special Education and its welfare aspect in Korea. Our exciting social programs and tours will certainly manifest an unique experience for each of you.

We trust that everyone's time will be well spend both at the Conference and on the Jeju. As all of you explore across the island, be sure to enjoy the seascape scenery and fine dining, experience Jeju Island cultural traditions, museum tours, golfing, hiking, and trail the world-famous 'Olle Road' which is a narrow pathway that is connected from the main roads to mountains, seasides, and villages. Once again, I encourage all of you to take an active role in the various events, activities, and presentations that are scheduled throughout the Conference.

We hope this Conference will be a significant experience in your life and will impact you as an individual and in your professional endeavors. I look forward to meeting you and wish you a very pleasant stay in Jeju Island, Korea.
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